In Drupal 7 using webforms, is there a hook that can alter the outgoing confirmation message shown to someone who has just submitted a form?

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My thoughts are to put a text placeholder inside this textarea and do a str_replace to update the output based the submission itself.

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A solution for using submissions value in Submission confirmation message is using Webform Tokens module.

And another solution as you asked is using hook_form_alter add your custom submit handler ( make sure yours getting run before webform's default) change the submitted string with what you want.


Like the @zhilevan told you can use hook_form_alter for placeholder and for str_replace you can implement hook_template_preprocess.

Here is an example.

function my_module_preprocess_webform_confirmation(&$vars) {

    $confirmation = check_markup($vars['node']->webform['confirmation'], $vars['node']->webform['confirmation_format'], '', TRUE);
    module_load_include('inc', 'webform', 'includes/webform.submissions');
    $submission = webform_get_submission($vars['node']->nid, $vars['sid']);
    $confirmation = _webform_filter_values($confirmation, $vars['node'], $submission, NULL, FALSE, TRUE);

   // Strip out empty tags added by WYSIWYG editors if needed.
   $vars['confirmation_message'] = strlen(trim(strip_tags($confirmation))) ? $confirmation : '';


Source Webform Token support on confirmation message.

you can also take a look on tpl file option. Here webform-confirmation.tpl.php

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