In my Drupal 8 project I have some list fields. For example maybe a field "project type" with the following key|values, coming from the original language German:

1 -> öffentliches Projekt
2 -> privates Projekt

Which I translated in the field's settings:

1 -> public project
2 -> private project

The field is NOT set to be translatable because the value should not be changed in a translation: the project type is in all languages the same! But now when I go to the node edit page, when I view the node or when I add this field as exposed filter to views I always see the German values of the field no matter what is set as the current language of the page. When I change the field to be translatable the value of the list field can be changed in English translation -> so it can come that a project is "public" in German and "private" in English what is not the desired result.

How do I get the translated values of a list field to be used in form element and node view when the list field itself should not be translatable?

  • You always enter the English strings/labels only in the field config, then display the form at least once in German, and after that go to interface translation and translate them to German. I think.
    – leymannx
    Nov 11, 2020 at 13:03

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Ok, it seems that it was just a weird cache thing. I cleared the cache several times after changing these translations. Now the translated values of the select list appear without setting the field to be translatable.

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