I cannot find information on how translate database field values. On my site I use Support Ticketing System module. If I'm trying translate interface to German (for example) everithing is ok except Status field (Status field is reffering to support ticket status - new, in progress, closed). I can see in the database all these values (new, in progress, closed) in certain table. But how to translate them? The built-in Drupal interface translation does not recognize these values.

Can you advise the correct way for translation of these field values?

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Have a look at the Field Translation module, a submodule (i18n_field) of the i18n module. Some more details about it (from the Community documentation):

... allows for translation of text associated with a field's settings including the label, help text, default value, and list options. Translation of these field settings can be added through the 'Translate interface' pages (Administration > Configuration > Regional and language > Translate interface).

Especially the "list options" mentioned above seem to be what you're looking for.

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