I have this site someone else has worked on and they've asked me to see if I could fix something. This site has private files available to users after they've filled in a form (they then get a email with a link to the private file). This all works the way it should.

Now what they want is to be able to add a link or image that is private. When doing this the image doesn't show or the link to the file gives a 403 error.

What is the best way to fix this or make this work.

Search for picture through ckeditor

Find Picture

picture doesn't show Picture doesn't show

  • I don't really understand your question, when do you get 403, and is it a drupal private file?
    – MiSc
    Sep 29, 2016 at 10:56

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If I'm understanding the situation correctly, then the issue is that, by virtue of bring a private file, they would need the right permissions in order to view the file in their browser.

On the sites I work on, we use elFinder, and the permission to allow access is called Access private files. enter image description here

If you're not using elFinder, then there is probably a similar permission that you'll need to enable.

Hope that helps!

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