1. I want to allow a user login to the site only once at a time. User should not be able to login at other machine/place while he is logged in.

  2. I want to user password should get destroyed once used and should promt user to "request new password".

  3. I also want to show user login time,logout time, number of visits, last visit time...etc in a block for user.

How can i get these in Drupal?


You can get what you're looking for with a combination of existing modules:

  1. Session limit module
  2. Password policy module
  3. User stats module + Views module

You shouldn't have to write a single bit of code using those 3 modules.

You don't mention which version of Drupal you're using but each of those modules have D6 and D7 releases (albeit a dev release for one of them).

  • Hi Clive! I got the best solution for all my requirements from you. Thank you very much. But I could not get the logout time/time spent on last login. My main aim is to give access to user for (ex:)1hr. If he logs out after 15minutes, session should be continued from 15mins in the next login till the completion of 1hr and then the password destroy. For this I need logout time. Please suggest me to get this functionality. – Prasanna Feb 13 '12 at 11:18

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