I have a custom block type, called "Features block". I added a field as alternative title (field_block_alt_title is that machine name).

I would like to display this alternative title on frontpage programmatically.

Now, I have this code so far that is displaying the title of blocks:


use Drupal\Component\Utility\Html;
use Drupal\Core\Render\Element;

function neft_preprocess_region(&$variables) {
  if ($variables['region'] == 'flick') {
    $titles = array();
    $ids = array();
    $block_ids = Element::children($variables['elements']);
    foreach ($block_ids as $block_id) {
      $block_title = Drupal\block\Entity\Block::load($block_id)->label();
      $titles[] =  Html::escape($block_title);
      $ids[] = 'block-' . Html::getUniqueId($block_id);
    if (count($titles) && count($ids)) {
      $tabs = '<ul>';
      foreach ($titles as $key => $title) {
        $tabs .= "<li><a href=\"#$ids[$key]\">$title</a></li>";
      $tabs .= '</ul>';
      $variables['tabs'] = $tabs;

Fields of custom blocks are in block content. So you have to load the block content first, before you can get the field value:

$block = \Drupal\block\Entity\Block::load($block_id);
$uuid = $block->getPlugin()->getDerivativeId();
$block_content = \Drupal::service('entity.repository')->loadEntityByUuid('block_content', $uuid);
if ($block_content) {
  $field_value = $block_content->field_block_alt_title->value;

I was trying to do the same today and this is the only one that worked for me on the latest Drupal version (8.6.12).

use \Drupal\block_content\BlockContentInterface;

function HOOK_preprocess_block(&$variables)

    $content = $variables['elements']['content'];
    if (isset($content['#block_content']) && $content['#block_content'] instanceof BlockContentInterface) {
        $blockType = $content['#block_content']->bundle();

        if ($blockType === 'CUSTOM_BLOCK_TYPE') {
            $variables['FIELD_VALUE_ACCESSIBLE_VIA_TEMPLATE'] = $content['#block_content']->get('FIELD_NAME')->value;


Then in your template file.


You can load the field like:

$alt_title = Drupal\block\Entity\Block::load($block_id)->get('field_block_alt_title')->value;


$alt_title = Drupal\block\Entity\Block::load($block_id)->field_block_alt_title->value;

You need to expose the fields from Node to Block variables.

function MYTHEME_preprocess_block(&$variables) {
        $node = $variables['elements']['content']['#view']->result[0]->_entity;

      if ($node instanceof \Drupal\node\Entity\Node) {

        if ($node->hasField('field_name_1')) {
          $variables['field_name_1'] = $node->get('field_name_1')->value;

        if ($node->hasField('field_name_2')) {
          $variables['field_name_2'] = $node->get('field_name_2')->value;


To use in your block--views-block--block-custom.html.twig



Tested on Drupal 8.5.3

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