I am trying to create a theme for Drupal 7 with Twig. If I wanted to register a new PHP function, I should implement "hook_twig_function()" as the module explains.

My simple question is: where should I implement my functions? If I write code - as usual - inside my "template.php", I have this alert: "Unknown "my_module_coolfunction" function in "sites/all/themes/abc/templates/page.tpl.twig"

If I edited the "Extension.php" file, after every update, I would lost all my custom functions.

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In the docs it says:


To register a new filter you should implement hook_twig_function() and return an indexed array with unique keys and new Twig_SimpleFunction as value.

function my_module_twig_function(){

To answer your question:

My simple question is: where should I implement my functions?

Notice how it uses "my_module", so clearly in your custom module .module file is where these function(s) should be added. If you don't have a custom module yet, then you will need to create one.

So if your custom module is named Hello Kitty, then in hello_kitty.module

function hello_kitty_twig_function(){
    $functions = [];
    $functions['coolfunction'] = new Twig_SimpleFunction('coolfunction','hello_kitty_coolfunction');
    return $filters;

function hello_kitty_coolfunction($param_1,$param_2...){
    // do what you need to do, and return something.

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