I am using commerce_donate module and I want to add a product (type=donation) into cart programmatically with the amount set as per the user has already selected on some other page. On some custom form submit, I want to add this donation type product into cart in order to process the usual commerce order / checkout.

How can I achieve this ?



No code needed, just watch the video about "Donations with Custom Line Item Types in Drupal Commerce". Some more details about it (= quote from that link):

This screencast shows how to use a custom line item type to allow your customer to specify a user-defined amount to donate. The line item has a Donation Amount field on it, and we then create a product display node that uses that custom line item. Finally, we use a custom rule to update the "price" of the donation product to the amount the customer has chosen.

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In the form submit

function custom_form_submit($form,$form_state) {
  $line_item = commerce_product_line_item_new(commerce_product_load($pid));
  commerce_cart_product_add($account->uid, $line_item);
  • This is adding the product but with the price added in the backend. How do I modify/update the price using this code. ? – Mohit Wadhwa Oct 4 '16 at 11:55

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