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There are 2 regions in the header. The top region holds the Level 1 menu links while the bottom region holds the Level 2 menu links (or child links of the top regions).

Menu structure

What I want is for the Who am I? and About to only show on the top region. That's easy, initial menu level is 1 and max num of menu levels to display is 1. That works great.


Problem comes along when I add the same menu to the bottom region and choose the following set up:

the set up

I thought that with these when a user clicks About on the top region, then the child links ("Just more links") of that menu link would be displayed on the bottom region. But nothing happens. It only works with the Who am I? link.

The only difference is that Who am I? points to /node/2 while About points to the homepage with an added ?parameter=value

enter image description here


Please check the following:

  • The link for the menu item should be <front>?parameter=value
  • The position and weight in the menu tree at admin/structure/menu/manage/MENU_NAME
  • This patch may be related
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