I created a custom form, a custom twig template, and I 'linked' both with a theme hook.

From my buildForm method of Form Class, I defined a variable like this :

public function buildForm(array $form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {
  $form['#foo'] = array("key_a"=>"value_a", "key_b"=>"value_b", "key_c"=>"value_c");
  // do some work ...
  return $form;

From my twig template, when I dump or sho all availables variables with :

{{ dump() }}
{# or with kint #}
{{ kint() }}

I see my array '#foo' is present in variables availables from my custom twig template. The "#foo" array is in a 'element' array. My question is, how can I get and print the content ?

If I do a sample :

{{ #foo }}

I get a syntax error because there is a 'sharp' (#) character. I tried :

{{ element.#foo }}
{{ element.'#foo' }}
{{ 'element.#foo' }}
{{ foo }}

Sometimes I get an error, sometimes a NULL printed result..How can I print my array, get keys and values ?

Thanks you !


Like javascript you need to use bracket notation to get hash key variables:

{{ element['#foo'].key_a }}

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