In Drupal 8, I'd like to create a set of page that relate to a parent content type as so:

  1. Movie (site.com/movie-name)
    • Reviews (site.com/movie-name/reviews)
    • Actors (site.com/movie-name/actors)
    • ...

I'd like each child to be it's own page, but retain some information from the parent (e.g. Movie Title, Movie Image, etc.). Also, I'd like to display a menu navigation that is smart enough to adapt to each parent (perhaps a simple menu with relative paths would suffice?).

I imagine that I'll want to use views to accomplish this. Any pointers?


Take a look at pathauto and Entity Reference field


In order to have reviews, you can use Comments entity on your movie content type.

For Actors you can create a separate content type and keep a reference of actors content type on movie, so that you can reuse actors on different movies.

and then views will help you in bulding different flavours of pages.

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