Is there a way to create and display a global 'Last updated' timestamp that would be displayed on every page? 'Last updated' would include adding and changing any piece of content on the website. I know how to display a similar timestamp for each node but I'd like to be able to display just one per page. Maybe looping through all created nodes and finding the latest date? How would I achieve that? Or is there a better solution - looping through all nodes might be memory-intensive, right?


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If by "Last Updated" you are only talking about nodes, then yes, you can.

Create a new view for content (using views module), add a block display, do not filter by any content type, but I think that you can keep the "Published" status. Sort by updated time, descendant, set the pager to show only 1 node. And set the display to only show the updated time. That's all.

  • I ended up doing a similar thing but with the page preprocessor function Commented Oct 11, 2016 at 8:31

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