Using the Flippy Module I would like to make the links that it prints in its theme file available in page.html.twig because I want to print them in a different region from where the node content gets printed.

The module states: "If you turn on Flippy for a content type, but hide the pager in the Manage Display page, its links will still be available in the theme layer when it comes time to output node.tpl.php"

That's correct, using Devel Module enter link description here I used dpm(content) on my node.html.twigtemplate.

enter image description here

Doing {{ content.flippy_pager}} allows me to print the links, but it's all within node.html.twig.

How could I possible pass that information on to page.html.twig since my goal is to print it in a different region from where the node's main content gets printed.

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I didn't realize the module provides a "Flippy" block.

  • Remove "Pager" from Structure>Content types>MyContentType>Manage display
  • Add block in Structure>Block layout. Go to the region you want the links to appear, click Place block, search for Flippy Bock and you are done.

ps: the answer came from stackoverflow, but I reposted it here just in case it's useful for others too.

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