Once the webform is submitted, I need it to be redirected to edit form page where user can edit that form again.

I know is at webform->components->form settings and choose custom redirect. What is the value I should key in (since form ID is always different)?

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There are number of ways to do this:

  1. Use rules on event "After saving a node" -> condition : "node is of type webform" -> action : "add redirect" ; path : node/[nid]/webform. Note: [nid] might not be the exact token, but you'll get the exact token in the replacement patterns in the Rules UI.
  2. Implement hook_node_insert in your custom module which triggers after every new node is created, check for the $node->type if it is of type webform, and use drupal_goto to redirect to the form components page. Path node/{$node->id}/webform.
  3. Alter the node_form for webform to add a submit handler and use
    form_state['redirect'] = 'node' . $form_state['nid'] . '/webform';

The easiest way to achieve this is to go to the Webform settings configuration page i.e www.example.com/node/[nid]/webform/configure.

There under the Redirection location settings, you can add the Custom URL with the required tokens i.e node/[node:nid]/submission/[submission:sid]/edit.

Please make sure that token module is installed and the permissions allow the user to edit the submission.


I use webform rule to solve my issue. Just need to install webform rule module.

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