I am facing a pretty award drush problem. In order to run drush I need to use this command on my hosting:

/opt/php/bin/php -c /home/pisar/etc/php.ini 
                 -d memory_limit=128M /home/pisar/opt/drush.php

When I run

/opt/php/bin/php -c /home/pisar/etc/php.ini 
                 -d memory_limit=128M /home/pisar/opt/drush.php status

it works correctly. But when I try to do the update command:

/opt/php/bin/php -c /home/pisar/etc/php.ini 
                 -d memory_limit=128M /home/pisar/opt/drush.php upc drupal

and it fails with the message:

pm-updatestatus failed

I found out that upc runs drush in subshell with incorrect php. So I added path to php:

/opt/php/bin/php -c /home/pisar/etc/php.ini 
                 -d memory_limit=128M /home/pisar/opt/drush.php 
                 --php=/opt/php/bin/php --debug upc drupal

But it also fails without configs. When I pass configs:

/opt/php/bin/php -c /home/pisar/etc/php.ini 
                 -d memory_limit=128M /home/pisar/opt/drush.php 
                 --php=/opt/php/bin/php\ -c\ /home/pisar/etc/php.ini\ 
                 -d\ memory_limit=128M --debug upc drupal

it fails because it tries to run them using quoted php with params:

Backend invoke: '/opt/php/bin/php -c /home/pisar/etc/php.ini -d memory_limit=128M' /home/pisar/opt/drush.php --php='/opt/php/bin/php -c /home/pisar/etc/php.ini -d memory_limit=128M'  [command]
 --backend=2 --verbose --debug --root=/home/pisar/site.com/docs/drupal --uri=http://default  pm-updatestatus drupal 2>&1 [1.45 sec, 14.72 MB]
'/opt/php/bin/php -c /home/pisar/etc/php.ini -d memory_limit=128M' /home/pisar/opt/drush.php --php='/opt/php/bin/php -c /home/pisar/etc/php.ini -d memory_limit=128M'  --backend=2      [notice]
--verbose --debug --root=/home/pisar/site.com/docs/drupal --uri=http://default  pm-updatestatus drupal 2>&1 [1.45 sec, 14.73 MB]
The command could not be executed successfully (returned: /opt/php/bin/php -c /home/pisar/etc/php.ini -d memory_limit=128M: not found

I put this:

export DRUSH_PHP='/opt/php/bin/php'
export PHP_INI='/home/pisar/etc/php.ini'
export PHP_OPTIONS='-d memory_limit=128M'

into ~/.profile, ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bashrc. Then ran without --php, but nothing helped.

How to fix?


I had to use --php-options parameter. The working command looks like this:

/opt/php/bin/php -c /home/pisar/etc/php.ini -d memory_limit=128M 
                    /home/pisar/opt/drush.php --php=/opt/php/bin/php
                    --php-options="-c /home/pisar/etc/php.ini
                    -d memory_limit=128M" upc -y drupal

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