I have been trying to find a standardized way of writing a Webservice API Wrapper the drupal 7 way but I was not able to find any documentation on this. How does one write an Webservice API wrapper for Drupal 7? An example will be much appreciated.

  • Can you post sample code of what you have already tried? – AjitS Oct 19 '16 at 7:40

The standard solution is to use the Services module, which provides hooks for you to define your own endpoints.

There's also Restful Web Services which has similar functionality but is geared more towards entity API integration.

If you literally want to write your own API from scratch then just use your best judgement - there aren't any Drupal-specific standards for that.

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You can try services views, It can be used with views Module.

Views support for the Services module version 3.x and later.

It has currently two features: - Create view based resource creating Services display in a view - Execute any view of the system via views resource call

Demo video http://youtu.be/DZEhJKMeR5w

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