I need help creating multi-site sub-directory in drupal. I have done all setting changes in localhost windows wamp server don't know what is missing.

let say, mysite is a main site and project1, project2 sub directory. Sharing same code base but different database.

In hosts file i have done the changes like this. project1 project2

created project1 and project2 folder under sites folder and added setting files

DocumentRoot "C:/wamp/www/mysite" ServerName project1

Its working fine for http:// localhost/mysite/ and http:// project1/,http:// project2.

But I want to show it in sub-directory like http:// localhost/mysite/project1 or http:// localhost/mysite/project2.

I have tried with doing Apache alias as well and it is point to relevant DB also but when I clicked any links from http:// localhost/mysite/project1 it will show an error message.

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You don't need to alter the hosts file if you don't care about serving on more than one address. If you have an Apache vhost entry for (you will by default, and I think Apache will add a hosts entry for then if you have a public_html dir at mysite you can just dump any number of Drupal installs under that dir.

E.g. /home/niklp/public_html/index.html <- get this working, then you can do: /home/niklp/public_html/drupal1 ... /home/niklp/public_html/drupalx

Sorry if this is a little vague but it's not a Drupal issue, it's an Apache config thing that should be easily resolved.

Edit: you will have a billion less issues if you get off windows and onto linux even for basic setups.

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