When using the Course module, you may also want to use the Course Requirements module, so that a user cannot be enrolled in a 2nd course until a 1st course is completed.

However, it's not obvious how to actually use / configure the Course Requirements module. So how is this module supposed to be used/configured?

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The Course Requirements module does not have a lot (any?) docu. But comment nr 3 of issue # 2148985 helps to make it work, i.e.:

  1. Add a node reference field to your Course content type (to references other courses).
  2. Go to admin/config/course/requirements and select that node reference field you just added.
  3. Add courses through the node reference field.

After completing these steps, this is how it should work:

  • The courses you add in the field should block that course from being enrolled into without completing the referenced courses.

  • After completing a course it should also tell you what courses required that course for completion.

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