i have an issue concerning the API migration. I have an existing drupal 7 website with a MySQL database. Now i want to migrate this website in a new drupal 8 instalation with a postgreSQL database. With a drupal 8 postgreSql, i can't execute the drush commande "migrate-status" or other : enter image description here

while with exactly the same module and config, simply changing the BDD by a mySql one, i have access to these commands : enter image description here

Does the migration modules are compatible with a postgresSql drupal ? Regards


It looks like you simply don't have the migrate_tools module enabled in the Postgres environment.

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  • Hello Mike, actually i have exactly the same module enabled in both environment. That's why i don't really understand. Regards, – lchabrand Oct 25 '16 at 21:35

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