Sometimes, when a user post a comment, it not published immediately; this can be for several reasons (e.g. spam suspect, anonymous user). I want to use the Rules module to send an email to users that flagged the node for new comments, but only when the comment is published. I cannot find any condition in the Rules module that allows me to check if the comment is published or not.

Perhaps someone has a way to accomplish this.

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What you need is a rule that is fired when the comment is first published and that seems very straight forward to me. If you need any further help on that, please let us know.


I cannot find this condition too. There is a condition "Content is published" for nodes. But I cannot find the similar one for comments. Action "After saving a new comment" works for both cases:

  • comment is saved and published
  • comment is only saved (not published)

I want for a rule to fight only for the 1st case.


In fact, Rules module have not changed too much and I have already found a solution, so I'll share it here.

Add a new condition as usual -> select "Data comparison" -> input "comment:status" and select "equals" to "Published". That's it!

Another point that should not be forgotten if you use Rules for email notifications is to send emails after an administrator has approved a comment. It should fight on event "After updating an existing comment" and the conditions are configured in a similar way

comment-unchanged:status == Unpublished
comment:status == Published

If you notify users about publishing Nodes - do not forget about this point too. The difference is that you should create new rule "After updating existing content" and the conditions are:

node-unchanged:status == Unpublished
node:status == Published

Please note that it will fire your actions every time the comment changes its status from Unpublished to Published - it might be an issue for you.

HTH, Alexander

  • You might want to consider opening a new question for that since the original question is already about 3 yrs old and modules and versions may have changed a lot since… Jul 13, 2015 at 16:10

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