I have created a block type in the drupal 8 UI (structure/block/block-content/types ) that has two fields that are just strings. I then created 4 pieces of content using that block_type. How do I access the content created by the block type in hook_preprocessor_html programmatically?

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This is a cutdown version of the function to access the block entities.

function _access_content_block_fields_build_arr($bidArr, $fieldRequestArr)

    $return = array();
    $blockElements = array();
    $blocks = \Drupal\block_content\Entity\BlockContent::loadMultiple($bidArr);
    foreach ($blocks as $block) {
        foreach ($fieldRequestArr as $fieldRequest) {
            $blockResult = $block->get($fieldRequest)->getValue();
            $blockElements[$fieldRequest] = $blockResult[0]; 
        $return[] = $blockElements;

    return $return;

purencool.com/accessing-a-block-types-content-programatically is the entire function for image fields url as well

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