I have followed these steps to make the menu tree,

  • Fruit
    • Apple

The above tree is shown but i don't know how to add the content of under "Fruit" and "Apple" First i create the structure menu and add the links under this then i add the menu block under block section name "new menu" Add- Block Title,Menu and in advance options i have selected Expand all children of this tree. then save this. Then this tree shown on the front side in the left sidebar. The main problem is when i create the menu like fruit and apple in the path field i add the "node/add" and when i click on the fruit its redirect to the node/add. I want to add the content under fruit, apple means what ever the category or subcategory and its open in different path not like node/add . Basically i want to describe the main category like web project and desktop project and when i add the content under web project then i can add the subcategory like

  • Web project
    • Project 1
    • Project 2

Here, web project is main category and project 1 and project 2 sub category which have the content

enter image description here

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