I'd like to import an iCal feed. Every calendar entry on a given URL should be transformed into a node.

I read that this should be possible with with the feeds, date and calendar module. But I did not find any description about the topic.

I would be very happy if some one could shed some light on this topic.


This online video got me a good bit of the way along:


On this podcast, Bob shows how to import any iCal feed of events into your Drupal site and displaying them in a Views-driven calendar on your site. (This means importing your Google or Yahoo! calendars or any other calendar system that puts out a feed in iCal format) This is tasty stuff! Want to have the Drupal calendar delete nodes once they're deleted from the feed? Check out this patch and give it a try. Episode Links Feed API, iCal Parser, Feed API Mapper

I am stuck on populating the Organic Group field of the newly created node.

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