I need a category, subcategory and subbactegory based solution for example

    Web project
        Project 1
        Project 2
    Desktop project
        Project 1
        Project 2

Project 1 (when i click this then content appear on right side) Project 2 (when i click this then content appear on right side)

Basically, when i click on the li page wouldn't be refresh. 1) i click on web project then menu expanded Project 1, project 2 appear and if i click on project 1 then content related to project 1 appear on the right side. Similarly for Project 2 and the subcategory for desktop project will be same means i can create subcategory related to desktop project.. Like in any category and product relation we need to select the category and add the product detail similarly in this

  • Views Tree would be worth trying.
  • Toggling of leaf terms can be handled by javascript.
  • To show content, you can declare ajaxified menu callbacks, which simply takes tid as argument and replace a certain section of DOM with the server reponse.
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