I added the field_tags to my view.

Now I want to add a the tag name as a class name, so I can colour each tag differently.


<div class="tag1">tag1</div>
<div class="tag2">tag2</div>
<div class="tag3">tag3</div>

Unfortunately, unchecking display all values in same row is not an option for me since I need to limit the view to 4 results.

Therefore, somehow I need to be able to loop through them and attach each of them the tag name as a class name.

How can I achieve this?


The only work-around solution that I can think of would be to:

Create a separate view for the tags.

Then there I will be able to uncheck display all values in same row.

Re-write field to <div class="{{ field_tags }}"> {{ field_tags }} </div>

Then use View Fields View to insert the Tags view as a field in my other view and pass the nid as contextual filter.

Probably not the best solution, so if anyone has a better one I'd love to hear it.

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