Drupal 8 name of twig: views-view-grid--places.html

I'm extremely new to Drupal so bare with me and excuse any incorrect lingo.

I created a content type called places and added 2 fields (body and field_location). title is a default for fields.

In my view twig, how do I get those values in my for loop?

{% for item in items %}
        <div>{{ item.title }}</div>
        <div>{{ item.field_location }}</div>
        <div>{{ item.content }}</div>
{% endfor %}

This only outputs the body. What am I missing?


Use {{ dump(item) }} to see the structure.

Once you have the structure you can reference in a faily regular way: if a sub-item is an array or an object, then it's a dot, if an array with a #, reference as an array eg xxx.yyy['#zzz']

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