Is there any way to list all possible database connections using Drush? I am debugging an application where db connections are not written in settings.php and I'm not able to find all possible connections. And in code I can see

$database = db_set_active('test');

Is there any way to list the db connection names like test, test1, test2? Any help is appreciated.

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All database connection strings are in global $databases variable;

global $databases;

with drush:

drush php-eval 'global $databases; print_r($databases);' 

I don't know if Drush is able to do it, but in Drupal 6 you might try to look for the global variable $db_url in your code using grep or similar:

The "Set up multiple databases on the fly" section on the documentation below explains how the connections are set, for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 6 and older:


For instance, for Drupal 6 you might find the following to define an alternative 'mydb' connection:

//set up the new database value
$db_url['mydb'] = 'mysql://user:pwd@localhost/anotherdb';

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