I would like to edit field.html.twig for taxonomy-term.html.twig. I've tried field--taxonomy-term.html.twig and a bunch of other options, none of them seem to work. What is the correct naming convention?

Clarification: I mean the template for fields used on the taxonomy term page, not the fields used in content type to reference a taxonomy.


The field type for taxonomy terms is entity-reference. You can use the field type for the naming of the field twig:


Because there may be more than one reference field, it is more specific to use the field name, for example a twig for the preinstalled tags field:


If you want to use the target entity of a reference field as theme suggestion you would have implement this in a hook.

Edit acc. to the clarification:

If the field is inside of a taxonomy term, you have to add one more detail, either the field name or the name of the vocabulary:


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