I need some help. I have view with two fields

  • Featured image
  • 2.Logo

normally Drupal renders is as separate divs what i want is to nest the 2nd div to the 1st div

Normal Drupal render

<div class= "views-name-featured-image"> Featured Image </div>
<div class= "views-name-logo"> Featured Image </div>

what I want is

<div class= views-name-featured-image> 

   Featured Image goes here

      <div class= views-name-logo> 

         Logo goes here


Views field-set is not available for Drupal 8

How can I achieve this... rewriting the result is not working too.

  • Well, you can access value of your fileds directly on parent template. I think that is only way to do this. BUT, for me, its not a good practice, it is better, you write a field with this two values and create a template for this field. Piece of cake.
    – Vagner
    Nov 4, 2016 at 17:37

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Resolve by rewriting results on view... thanks anyways

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