If you enable the Flag module, but not its submodule flag_actions (with short description "Execute actions on Flag events."), and you navigate to admin/structure/flags, then near the bottom it shows a line like so:

Flagging an item may trigger actions. However, you don't have the Flag actions module enabled, so you won't be able to enjoy this feature.

If you do enable submodule flag_actions, then this line near the bottom becomes like so (whereas actions becomes an hyperlink to /admin/structure/flags/actions, which also corresponds to the extra tab "Actions" you get after enable of this submodule):

Flagging an item may trigger actions.

I'm familiar with "Actions" (included in core as of Drupal 6), and I'm also familiar with Rules Actions. And in the Community Documentation it says:

Flags aren't just for creating passive "My bookmarks" lists. Flagging a node can fire some actions. This module supports the Actions module (Actions is included in core as of Drupal 6), and the more powerful Rules module.

Simple Actions that could be triggered by Flags:

  • automatically unpublish a node that has been flagged as "spam";
  • sending an email to the site administrator when a node is flagged as "spam" more than 3 times;
  • automatically flagging a newly-updated node with a "needs review" flag.

All this looks, sounds and smells very similar to using Rules Actions which you can do if you have Rules enabled. Nevertheless I wonder if there are any situations, or usecases, where using the Flag's submodule flag_actions would be more appropriate as compared to using Rules?

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