I have a CSS class called .hide_elements that hides the menu, some header elements, and the footer if the class is applied to the body.

I want to provide the user with an interface. If I have to code it, or if its in a module that already exists, I’m looking for an idea of how to implement this.

Now, I can easily add this with code with hook_preprocess_html, but I need to provide a site admin the way to specify which URLs get the .hide_elements class added to it.

CSS Injector won't cut it, FYI.

Any thoughts?

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  • You say, "I want to provide the user with an interface" - Where would that be? On a node edit form? Elsewhere? – Danny Englander Nov 8 '16 at 22:24
  • Anywhere the user can edit it (the user doesn't have access to the code) – rumblestrut Nov 9 '16 at 14:33

There are many Drupal modules to add classes to body element through interface.

1) Node Class

Node Class is a simple module that allows users to add custom CSS classes to any node through the node/add interface.

2) Body class

Add contextual CSS classes to the body of the page.

3) Extra body Class

Extra body classes is a simple module which will provide extra classes on the tag.

If you not comfortable with any of that, you can create a custom drupal form and save the classes using settings form. In preprocess_html, get the settings variable and replace in $classes variable.


Welp, turns out this was stupid simple to do using Context.

  1. Go to structure/contenxt and add a new context
  2. Add a condition of "path" and the path(s) you want the context to apply on
  3. Add a Theme HTML reaction, and give the class name you want to apply to the paths listed above.
  4. Save and enable.

Very slick.

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