I have created a little module to try and unzip files that has just been uploaded through node creation. Here is my unzip function (the $file parameter is a file object):

function unzip($file) {
  watchdog('beep','Unzipping a project!!');
  $zip = new ZipArchive;
    //This Works
    $res = $zip->open(drupal_realpath($file->uri));
    // This does not
    //$res = $zip->open($file->uri);
  if ($res === TRUE) {
    watchdog('Zip sucess','Unzipping worked!' . drupal_realpath($file->uri));
  } else {
    watchdog('Zip Failure','Unzipping failed for ' . drupal_realpath($file->uri));

Included in this snipet are two different ways I attempted to open the zip file.

This first one works on my local MAMP server but would not work on a producitons server:

$res = $zip->open(drupal_realpath($file->uri));

This created a path like this:

/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/sites/default/files/Tumble arcade file_5.zip


$res = $zip->open($file->uri);

creates a path like this:

public://Tumble arcade file.zip

Now the first path is interpreted correctly by $zip->open and the file is unzipped correctly but with the second path, the zip open fails. I believe this is happening because php does not know how to handle the second path and needs something more like this:


Am I on the right track and if so how would I get this other kind of path? If not, any idea what might instead be the problem?

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There's a nice in-built function, file_create_url():

Creates a web-accessible URL for a stream to an external or local file.


$url = file_create_url($file->uri);

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