How to remove the global library from specific page ?

I want to rearrange java script files.


You need to implement hook_page_attachments_alter().


Yes, it's very simple to use the Hook_page_attarchment_alter() Please see the following code it may help you.

    function modulename_page_attachments_alter(array &$attachments) {

    // Conditionally remove an asset.
    $current_path = \Drupal::service('path.current')->getPath();
    $result = \Drupal::service('path.alias_manager')->getAliasByPath($current_path);
    if ($result == "/<url slug>" ){
      if (in_array('<theme name>/global-styling', $attachments['#attached']['library'])) {
        $index = array_search('<theme name>/global-styling', $attachments['#attached']['library']);


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