I’ve got a “views” question. I have a view that is using File Usage: File under advanced > relationships and (File) File: Content using Thumbnail image. In that later relationship, (File) File: Content using Thumbnail image , when require the relationship is checked, I loose nodes that don’t have thumbnail images, when it’s not checked, I get duplicates (the content type holds a thumbnail and a header image and for some reason it returns a result with the thumbnail and a duplicate result with the header image instead of the thumbnail) - Anyone got any idea how I can get both the ones with the images and without, and not have duplicates?

I tried Other > Use aggregation and Query Settings > Distinct (and pure distinct) and didn’t have any luck either

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Why you don't get in the view the field that has the image and display it as thumb("image style"). That "Content using Thumbnail image" i guess it load every image with an "preview" from the respective node.

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