I installed the commerce_ogone module on Drupal 7 with Drupal commerce modules in local environment.

First shop, first case :

  1. I set my payment method to my test account (PSID, sha in, sha out). When I chose Ogone in the cart I was redirected to ogone page. I set test credit card number and I validated.

  2. At this moment, Ogone told me that "Your payment is authorized". Next I was redirected to the review page of the Drupal cart. On this page I have the message "Payment failed at the payment server. Please review your information and try again." but there is nothing in Drupal log.

  3. I also received an email from ingenico test with my order but I can see that sentence : "This transaction must be confirmed manually in the administration module to generate a payment."

But I don't know how and why I need to confirm manually ?

Second shop, second case :

  1. Same as above.

  2. Same as above but there is the following message in error log : "SHA signature doesn't match feedback".

  3. Ogone told me by email that there is a problem with the http request. The error is "Error in HTTP response - http result = -1" but there is nothing about this error inside the list of all error code of Ogone.

Any idea ?


The problem was in the list of parameters that are used in sha1 in the function commerce_ogone_sha1_out_parameters. I found a patch in this issue https://www.drupal.org/node/2736531 and it solved the problem.

diff --git a/commerce_ogone.sha1.inc b/commerce_ogone.sha1.inc
index dbf7096..9ee45f1 100644
--- a/commerce_ogone.sha1.inc
+++ b/commerce_ogone.sha1.inc
@@ -31,13 +31,16 @@ function commerce_ogone_feedback_valid_sha1($feedback, $sha1out) {
  *   SHA1-OUT security hash.
 function commerce_ogone_sha1_out_parameters() {

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