I am new to Drupal8. How can i get the content ? I call a view in page.html.twig like:

{{ page.content.views_block__serviceboxen_block_1 }}

and created a template with name:


How can i access to the content from my view in this template ? I have no idea when i use

{% for row in rows %}


{% for item in items %}

thanks a lot.


solution: you can access the fields with 'content'

e.g. content.body or content.your_field_name.value

in a iteration it looks like:

  {% for item in content['#view'].result %}
      {% set topic = item._entity %} {# just for shorter writing #}

       <li>{{ topic.title.value }}</li> {# or topic.yourFieldName.value #}

  {% endfor %}

Hope it'll help

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