I have a Drupal project that is a multi-site setup. I currently have my sites named like so:


This is fine for working locally in development, as I can point my browser to site1.example.dev, site2.example.dev, or site3.example.dev and it works. However, when I push this up to staging, I want to be able to access these sites at the following addresses:


Is it possible to simply name these as "[specific_name].example" and configure it so that I don't need to rename/update depending on the environment?


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I think you may be looking into aliases.

On your sites folder there should be a example.sites.php. It basically allows aliasing sites to different names.

You could create an if and based on some environment condition (maybe the output of hostname? or a file somewhere that contains prod vs dev), enable or disable the aliases.

More documentation:


You can modify the site names for staging site in the file sites/site.php

Also update the settings.php file with the credentials of staging site.

Also need to update the site url from the host settings.

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