I'm outputting some data from a custom module as follows

theme('table', array('rows' => $rows, 'header' => $headers ));

to a custom /admin page that will be viewed using the Administrative theme.

Problem is that the headers are generated as (a) clickable and (b) the selected columns have up/down sort arrows. But when you click on the arrows, no sorting happens.

How can I either remove this styling from the header, or implement a sort for the table?

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Found the answer by reading this fine article


"If you do not want a particular column to be sortable, do not specify the 'field' parameter for its header."

My headers array is now simply

   $headers = array(
      array('data' => 'UID'),
      array('data' => 'Username'),
      array('data' => 'Given Name'),
      array('data' => 'Family Name'),
      array('data' => 'Email Address')

with no 'field' value specified, and the clickable headers have disappeared.

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