Very simply put, I want to print the plain text from the title field of my node without any additional html. Currently I have this in my node--custom-template.html.twig file

<h3 class="fancy">
      {{ label }}      

but it outputs it like this

<h3 class="fancy">
          <span data-quickedit-field-id="node/13/title/en/teaser">My Title</span>      

I'd like it like this

<h3 class="fancy">My Title</h3>

I've tried using some of the twig filters like |striptags and |raw, but then nothing displays. I'm wondering if there is a template I could edit for this field, or any other way to just get the plain text string of the node title.

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You can get the unformatted title from the node object:

{{ node.label  }}
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    I also discovered that if you need more control over how the title displays you can use the twig template field--node--title.html.twig - just another option. Commented Dec 5, 2016 at 9:00
  • {{ label.0 }} also works in Drupal 9
    – doppler
    Commented Apr 18, 2023 at 21:24

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