I have change the default user account page url to cms/dashboard and its redirect to custom page where edit profile link is not available. So i want to add the custom edit link, i add the block image and add the link to that image which is cms/[account:uid]/edit but its converting like cms/%5Baccount%3Auid%5D/edit. Is there any other way to add the Edit Profile link so that user can access the default edit page and change the profile information.


You can use the link directly as /user. It goes to the profile page which is similar to the /user/{$GLOBALS['user']->uid}


Use Token module to create a menu link with this path: user/[current-user:uid]/edit.


There is a "Me Alias" module which you can use this. Like if you want a edit profile link then simply pass the reference user/me/edit.

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