When you install Bartik and minimize your browser to mobile display you can see the caption "Show - Main navigaton":

enter image description here

I want to translate it to Hebrew so I went to admin/config/regional/translate and typed the stream to change it but found nothing so I guess it's hardcoded somewhere.

Yet, I searched in page.html.twig and menu-block twig but didn't find this stream. I also didn't find CSS language-construct (as in content:x;).

You might know where this stream is located or at least answer with a good way to search it?

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You can translate following strings through the core translation system (admin/config/regional/translate):

  • Show — @configuration.label
  • Hide — @configuration.label

The strings above are defined in block--system-menu-block.html.twig at line 17 and 18.

Furthermore you should translate/rename your Main menu name.


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