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Using Yoast, I've removed it from all my content types but I can't uninstall because it says --> The Yoast SEO status & focused keywords field type is used in the following field: taxonomy_term.field_yoast_seo, which I did not create nor is it visible via Structure > Taxonomy.

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Looking into the DB, there's over 51 matches for 'field_yoast_seo', but I can see where it is created:

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It's a table. I don't know if I can just go ahead and delete it without it backfiring on me. Has anyone tried it?

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If a module define a field type, it can't be uninstalled if you have a field of this type. This is not related which tables are in the database, and deleting tables in the database wont resolve this.

What you need to do, is to delete the field yourself. Drupal doesn't want to this automatically, as it could mean data loss. From the message you get the field name taxonomy_term.field_yoast_seo. This machine name is structured as ENTITY_TYPE.FIELD_NAME, so the field you need to delete is on a taxonomy term. It doesn't tell which vocabulary it's located on, but hopefully you can find it manually and resolve it

  • I didn't create the taxonomy term, and it's not visible via Structure > Taxonomy .
    – Chayemor
    Commented Nov 28, 2016 at 13:19
  • Either way, I took your advice and did it manually, though not from UI (since I couldn't find the taxonomy term) but rather from database. Thanks.
    – Chayemor
    Commented Nov 28, 2016 at 13:28

I managed to uninstall this module by going to admin/config/yoast_seo Unselecting everything under: Configure Real-time SEO by bundles running Cron Then the tick box for Real-time SEO became available in Uninstall


Be sure to backup your database before you try out what I did, just in case.

After looking everywhere I decided to go for it and delete it from the database. I also opened an issue in the Drupal Project for Yoast SEO.

I used PHPMyAdmin to search any occurrences of "field_yoast_seo", these are the steps (and order) I took:

  • Deleted appearances in cache_ tables
  • Deleted rest of appearances
  • Emptied the table taxonomy_term_field_yoast_seo
  • Deleted the table taxonomy_term_field_yoast_seo (I checked there were no dependencies to the rest of the data base)
  • Cleared Caches
  • Ran cron manually
  • Uninstalled Yoast Seo (after all of the above, the check box was available and I could uninstall)
  • Manually removed the module from /httpdocs/modules

Leaving the answer here in case anyone else runs into this.

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