I am a beginner by module domain-access and have a question.

standarddomain: example.com
subdomain: m.example.com

In my standarddomain i use a views-page with path example.com/myviewsgallery (Views A) - this viewspage show 50 results, has a special pager and so on.

On my subdomain I need the same path m.example.com/myviewsgallery but here I will use an other (minimized) Views (Views B) with reduced results and other pager (and so on). The mobile version is intended to display reduced content.

I would like to use a mobile-switcher that automatically redirects the mobile user to the mobile subdomain - to the same path as on the desktop version.

But the problem is, I cant use a other (reduced) View-Page on my mobile-subdomain which has the same Views-path like standardomain.

At the moment:

  • example.com/myviewsgallery (show Views A)
  • m.example.com/myviewsgallery (show Views A too, but i need Views B under this path)

Is there anyone here who can tell me how to solve this problem?

Excuse me my bad English, I hope nevertheless that I could bring the problem understandably.

Many thanks in advance Matthias

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    You can rendered both view pages on same link one after the other and theme these two views with different ids using views theme suggestion and by css and @media query, just hide that hide which you don't want on desktop version and vice versa. Hope you get this approach. Nov 28, 2016 at 12:53

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Based off @Sugandh Khanna answer, follow these steps:

  1. Make View 2 as an attachment and attached to View 1.
  2. In mobile view, add the css .view-content { display: none }
  3. In desktop view, add the css .attachment { display: none }

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