I have a taxonomy terms like:

  • christmas
  • wedding

How can I build a view with url page like this: www.site.com/% being % christmas or wedding,

If users go to www.site.com/christmas just display nodes with christmas taxonomy.

If users go to www.site.com/wedding just display nodes with wedding taxonomy.

I have to do n views with same fields that why I want to do just one generic view.

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    Why not just use pathauto and make the aliasing rule [term-name] or whatever the appropriate token is? Also, you can create one view and tell vocab + vocab terms to use that view or views with a module like TVI. – Kevin Nov 28 '16 at 17:04

The PathAuto module allows you to easily change the URLs for the default taxonomy listings (which do what you describe).

Install the module and go to Administration > Configuration > Search and metadata > URL aliases.

You can set a pattern for your vocabulary that is just [term:name] BUT there are good reasons not to do that (for example if a category overlaps with a default path). Something like holiday/[term:name] is likely a better choice.

For more options on PathAuto see the recipes from Drupal.org.

If you need more control over the display you can override the view that generates term pages.

  • Seconded, you can do this but generally you should stick to [vocab-name]/[term-name] as a default alias as acrosman said. Views still work off of taxonomy/term/% path since it is a system path, and you can use someting like TVI to enhance the display of different vocabularies by using rendered entities instead of node fields. – Kevin Nov 28 '16 at 21:01

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