I try to create a node via a rest POST over Chrome's Postman using Drupal 8.2.3., but i always get a 403 access denied.

Can anyone point out a step-by-step how-to on the settings? Mainly regarding the permissions that need to be set accordingly.

I did obtains the token at /rest/session/token and added into the request header.

The Request was: MYURL.de/rest/node?_format=json. For your information: I created the service-endpoint /rest, and I also tried with: MYURL.de/node?_format=json, but the same result.

Can anyone drop me a hint?

  • Your request need ?_format=json on the end of request.

  • Clear cache.

  • Delete all sessions, delete from sessions.

  • Call login service, /user/login?_format=json, method POST choose raw in Body and there put username and password in JSON format:

       "username": "value",
       "password": "value",

    and choose JSON (application/json).

    This service will return X-CSFR-TOKEN, use it for your request.

  • In my case was proxy the problem. Go to Settings > Proxy > Use system proxy (must be off) – Lucas Serafim Jul 24 '19 at 14:21

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