I want to create subdirectory based multisite, for this I roamed full day in internet but nowhere I found how can do the symlink in a proper manner. I will divide my requirement below:

Site name I have is: capacad(accesible by url: localhost:81/capacad/)

I want multisite url should be: localhost:81/capacad/subsite

So to achieve this I created a folder named subsite in C:\xampp\htdocs\capacad\sites\subsite.

Later this step I have to do symlink. So how can I achieve that.

I tried this command: C:\>mklink /d C:\xampp\htdocs\capacad\sites\subsite C:\xampp\htdocs\capacad

This is creating multiple loops inside the subsite folder.

I am not getting the what path names where to link. Can anybody please explain me elaborately how can I achieve this in windows.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I followed some below links:




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You can modify the site names in the file sites/site.php

$sites = array(
  'site1.your-multisite.local' => 'website1',
  'your-multisite.local.site2' => 'website2',

Also update the settings.php file of each subdomain with the credentials of respective sites.

Also need to update the site url from the host settings.

 ServerAlias    *.your-multisite.local your-multisite.local.*

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