I have a content editor that wants to be able to send emails on a regular basis to a selected bunch of users. Could I create a view of all site users and use Views Bulk Operations for this?


If your content editors need to be able to select the group they are contacting you can use Views Send. You can also use Rules (and probably Views Rules to ease the process of writing the rule some) particullarly if the editors are not going to be editing the message (if they are sending a notice about content updates or something similar).


Maybe the Views Send module.

It sends an email for each row and you can use tokens for the body and subject. I think it'll work.


Just install the Forena module and use the delivered sample Active Users Email, locáted in relative path /reports/drupaladmin.sample_active_users_letter.

Adapt the template for the actual eMail body to fit your needs.

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