Within the 'NO RESULTS BEHAVIOR' section of Views in Drupal 8 how do I output the search term along with some custom text using the "Unfiltered text" option?

My desired output is "No results found for search term, please..."

Can anyone suggest a solution?


you can use template_preprocess_views_view

 function template_preprocess_views_view(&$variables) {
  $view = $variables['view'];
  $variables['view_total_count'] = $view->total_rows;

  if ($view->total_rows === 0) {
    $exposed_input = $view->getExposedInput();
    $search_term = $exposed_input['your search input'];
    $variables['empty'] = 'No results found for'.$search_term.', please ...';

then in your twig template, you print the empty variable.


Maybe you could use JS.

Put a placeholder in place of "search term", maybe <span id="search-term">search term</span>, so that it still functional when JS is disabled.

Then store the search term in a variable, let's call it var searchTerm, and replace text by document.getElementById("search-term") = searchTerm.

Now all we got to do is store the search term.

  • If the search term is in URL, follow this tutorial to extract it.
  • If it isn't, please provide more detail and I'll update my solution.

Looks to be fairly old, but I will post the solution here. You can use the D8 port of search_api_spellcheck, here - https://github.com/nuvoleweb/search_api_spellcheck. It is not official release, but works well.

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