I'm maintaining a site I didn't build and I'm running into an issue with breadcrumbs. Pages generated by views don't seem to conform to the existing bread crumb system. For example I have a members section page, which has a sub page with a list of links. The links created from basic pages show the correct breadcrumb trail (i.e. home->members->subpage1->subpage2), while the views generated pages only show a breadcrumb trail back to home. So what is causing this? How I work the views pages in the breadcrumb system? Does each views page need it's own template?

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Have you tried Views Breacrumb / Custom Breadcrubs / Views breadcrumbs modules?


Just so that other people don't run into this issue: I'm using the context module, which lets you sent custom breadcrumbs for each context, supremely useful, better UI than the programmatic approaches.

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