On assigning tokens(both custom and exisiting tokens) with values like

$replacements[$original] = "<b>Hello</b>";

and then using that token either in full html or any other text format(all the text formats) it displays on the screen <b>Hello</b> i.e actual tags are being rendered instead of Hello . Same is happening with other html tags i.e entire <div> <p> all the html tags get display. This although does not happen in Drupal 7.

Is there any configuration i am missing? How to render html values properly using tokens?

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Try this one -

$replacements[$original] = \Drupal\Core\Render\Markup::create("<b>Hello</b>");

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If you just need to access the token under the html tag then another way is that, you just create token as

  switch ($name) {
   case 'custom_token':
     $text = 'Hello World!';
     $replacements[$original] = $text;

After, into the body part you can access this token with html tags.

(i.e) <b>[custom:custom_token]</b>

even i used it as screen shot enter image description here


After you replace, you have to use: 'htmlspecialchars_decode' like this:

$body = htmlspecialchars_decode($token->replace($body, $data));
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    The problem with this solution is it will decode the entire $body which may be undesirable. Ideally the solution would only affect the tokenized values.
    – Felix Eve
    Oct 16, 2017 at 2:13

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